We are a fellowship located in the small San Diego beach town of Mission Beach.  Nestled in this small beach community, live thousands of unchurched people.  The mellow beach atmosphere gives a warm sunny invite to many.  Our church is located in the heart of the community right across the Boardwalk.  It is our goal to reach this community through the love of Jesus Christ.  It is our goal, not only to encourage believers to be active in sharing their faith, but to equip them to do so.  Being a church in Mission Beach we place a high emphasis on evangelism.  So if you are looking for a loving community to be a part of, and a fellowship centered on the word of God, come check us out.

Even though our site is going through a remodel, our little church still meets every Sunday 9:30am out on the grassy field by the beautiful bay.

Especially during the summers, parking becomes more difficult; therefore it is advised to arrive by 9 and enjoy fellowship and coffee before service starts.